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Christian PsychologyDr. Lee Outlaw holds a PhD in Psychology/Christian Counseling from Hamilton University with  Psychology and Family Counseling  training via Seminary, graduate  and undergraduate studies. Dr. Lee Outlaw holds certifications in Marriage and family Counseling, Crisis Intervention/Suicide Prevention and Addiction Counseling and many more. He is  a member of  The American Association of Christian Counselors. Dr. Lee Outlaw is also a licensed and ordained, Southern Baptist Pastor. Dr. Outlaw is a graduate and holds a B.A. degree from Palm Beach Atlantic College/University,  the M.Div. degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as well as the PhD degree from Hamilton University. In addition, he did graduate study at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Luther Rice Seminary and Trinity Theological Seminary. He also attended Miami Christian University. He has pastored churches and practiced Christian psychology/counseling in FL and TX for over 30 years. Dr. Outlaw resides in Harlingen, TX utilizing his experience as  pastor and counselor offering consultation services to pastors and churches. He is Editor in Chief and contributing writer for The Outlaw Observer and Opinion, former religious editor for the Davie, FL Times (a Miami Herald Newspaper) and  a free-lance  Christian Counseling, Christianity/religious and Political writer. He also writes an Opinion Blog at One Outlaw’s Opinion, an article contributor for HubPages and Drtruthman Wizzley Page and a former Examiner/writer for the now defunct He is the owner of Dr Lee Outlaw’s Writer’s Page on Facebook and Drthruthman’s Writer’s Page on Google+. He is the author of 5 previously published books and working on 3 others. His current project is the soon to be published, “Endeavor and Anguish”Dr. Outlaw is available for Marriage and Family Seminars, Epilepsy Support Groups, speaking engagements, pulpit supply, pastoral and church consultation and interim pastor. 

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  1. Lee, I shared this on my Wall in hopes that others will get to know you as I’m proud and privileged to. You have enhanced, rewarded, made brighter and more bearable this existence and I don’t know how i’ve survived this long without knowing you. You have added such a dimension in my life that is far-reaching and life-altering that I could never thank you enough for the remainder of my life on this great Earth. I thank God everyday that a friend like you, rare in and of itself, has come to graces my existence each day with love and blessing. I write this with tears.


    • Thank you Susan, I appreciate you talent and friendship and feel honored tobe your friend and to call you mine. Keep up the wonderful work you do. I thank God for sending you my way. May God bless you real good.


  2. Where’s the LIKE button for this Page? I couldn’t find it. There should be a LOVE button because I would press it a hundred times and it still wouldn’t be enough.


    • As I updated this author bio page I realize I left off the like button so I will add that. Thanks for the love button comment. Maybe we should invent one for all of our Christian friends. Thanks again. I am always humbled at your remarks.


  3. do you offer marriage counseling?


    • I am in semi retirement and although I no longer offer professional one on one marriage counseling I do offer my services via church marriage & family conferences as well as via email and on line through this web site. Feel free to ask any questions you have. Thank you for your comment.


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